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Internet, Phone & TV Distribution

This all in one solution transmits TV, Radio, Telephone and Internet data signals to numerous rooms in your home. It is a reliable, high-speed communication system, designed specifically to meet customer requirements. This distribution of Internet, Telephone and TV throughout the home provides great flexibility, allowing you to access any of these services throughout the home/office.

The all in one distribution of these services throughout the home removes the need for separate cables, as it works on one single network cable. Satellite, DVD and videos can also be viewed and controlled in any room via infra-red remote controls.

Features Include:

  • Flexible TV Distribution

  • Flexible Data Distribution

  • Flexible Telephone Distribution

  • Flexible Internet Distribution

  • Flexible Distribution of DVD, SKY and CCTV

It is important when building your home to define at an early stage what is required in order to design cabling infrastructure.



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