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Multi Room Entertainment Systems

"A built-in multi-room entertainment system offering elegance, simplicity and superb high fidelity performance" ...Systemline Modulator


G P Multi Room Entertainment Systems can make your new home stand out from the rest. Imagine being able to listen to music or watch your favourite movie within any room of your home at the touch of a button.

Most importantly, the Multi Room Entertainment Systems are installed in a non-intrusive way. You will no longer have unsightly boxes around you home. Instead, the main equipment is hidden away in a cupboard, and the uniquely installed, purpose-designed, amplified loudspeakers are discreet, yet provide high quality sound.

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Additional Features Include:

  • Up to six audio and video sources eg. Music Server, CD player, Tuner and DVD player that can be independently distributed into numerous rooms throughout your home.

  • Option of integration of i Pod in every room.

  • Attractive and easy to use touch screen keypads, and remote controls

  • Remote storage of audio files.

  • Easy to use customer interphase to upload CD's to the Music Server.

It is important when building your home to define at an early stage what is required in order to design the cabling infra-structure.


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