CCTV / Surveillance Systems

From home cover to enterprise systems with AI-assisted video analysis

Our installations range from a few cameras to cover the home, to security suites that integrate intruder and CCTV monitoring, as well as fire alarm linkage to trigger alarms (thermal cameras) and allow remote viewing by conventional CCTV cameras of potential hazard or breach areas.

Our modern systems blur the line between CCTV and intruder alarms, with monitoring systems using Artificial Intelligence to discriminate between vehicle, animal, foliage, and human movements, as well as Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems to enhance access control. Monitored (and stand-alone) systems can include a wide range of customisation such as two-way audio, lighting triggered by proximity alarms, and access control.

Video surveillance recording has come a long way since the days of Closed-Circuit Television. The basic aim remains the same: to see and record as much as possible. However, it is critical that the video information collected is both recorded at a high enough quality to be useful, and also that it is retrievable in a reasonable timeframe, and can be exported conveniently. We have extensive experience with customers who regularly need to use the video recorded, and we are confident that our systems not just see and record video – and images, but provide high-quality output that assists identification and creates useful evidence.

Dallmeier and Hikvision

Dallmeier developed the world’s first digital video recorder, and pioneered the use of network video recorders. Development and manufacture of Dallmeier equipment takes place in Germany – the entire system is “Made in Germany”.

Dallmeier systems are industry-focused and aimed towards businesses who require constant surveillance of their assets and continual analysis and management of visual data, for example: high-volume high-value warehousing and distribution companies; banks; casinos; airports, and; sports arenas.

In general, one of the major benefits is the ease of retrieving video for analysis and audit or investigation. Customers who expect to be reviewing and analysing video on a regular basis will benefit most from a Dallmeier system. For our customers with Dallmeier systems, the benefits include the excellent software suite, European Data Protection Board and GDPR compliance, recordings certified for court use, advanced user management, end-to-end encryption, and extensive protection against hacking and backdoor attacks built into the entire system from camera to network gateway to user end-station.

Hikvision are the mainstream product for consumers and businesses at all levels, and as Hikvision own UK company Pyronix, there is considerable integration between the Pyronix Euro 46 series of Intruder Alarms, and the Hikvision Network Video Recorders and cameras. Hikvision has a very wide range of cameras (visual, pitch-black and infra-red, ANPR, thermal, multi-lens) and detection scenarios including: parking lot control; building occupation density management; falling down detection; facial recognition; gathering, loitering, and dispersal detection; manufacturing process control; and all designed to integrate with Pyronix Intruder Alarm systems, and access control systems. Hikvision Network Video Recorders provide for live viewing of camera feeds via smartphone app over the internet, so wherever in the world you have high-speed internet access, you can view your cameras. Our own surveillance system is a Hikvision system.

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