Environment and Audio Control

Control lighting, heating, and audio in each room from your smartphone

GP Electrical & Security has a long-standing passion for technology in the home. We have years of experience installing AV systems using enterprise-grade WiFi to cover interior and exterior areas of the home and garden, customisable for any size of premises. This enables audio-visual connectivity throughout the home, garden, and external buildings, so you can do what you want where you want: music, video, social media, video conference calling, etc, from any part of the home. Control equipment is discreetly hidden, and WiFi connectivity is seamless.

The integration of systems such as security, lighting, air conditioning and access controls means you can control your entire home from the one touch panel, and/or from your smartphone or smart TV. This level of integration allows us to implement many convenient and energy efficient features in your home. With our ‘smart’ wiring and wireless systems, you can be assured that your home is ready for technology now and in the future.

Smart Lighting

Lighting control can help to reduce energy consumption as well as improving the overall impression of your home. It provides you with various light settings for each room of your home, which can be controlled at the touch of a button. It allows you to “set the scene,” depending on mood or occasion. Being able to create, adjust and recall lighting adds to the appearance of a room, and really makes a house a home. Our lighting control incorporates the following:

  • Scene Setting
  • Energy management, including movement-sensor light switching
  • Superb aesthetics
  • Integration with other services
  • Remote internet access to control lighting
  • Wide range of touch screen keypads, remote controls and switches to choose from
  • Installed in any type of premises, from small domestic property, to large hotel retail outlets

Customised streaming audio anywhere in the home

Elevate your home experience. From speakers to amplifiers to whole-home audio control integrating lighting and climate control, home audio installation allows you to listen to what you want where you want, without the clutter or inconvenience of unsightly control equipment and cables.

Streaming is now built into our Audio Systems, and your streaming music favourites – Spotify and others – are included. We can install up to six audio zones (expandable to 12) which will let you determine what audio plays in which part of the home. Partners, parents and children, can listen to their own music in their own spaces, or enjoy some peace and quiet, turning any room into a potential study or music room.

An example setup might be: Elan music servers streaming over a Sonos system, using a backbone network of rock-solid enterprise-class Wi-Fi access points. We recommend Ubiquiti Wi-Fi access points, which mesh seamlessly and will provide reliable, fast wireless connectivity throughout the home, and outside, for all Wi-Fi-connected devices

Our services also include installation of high performance weatherproof outdoor landscape loudspeakers, which bring high-fidelity sound to outdoor spaces.

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