Intruder Alarm Systems

Intruder alarm systems for the 21st Century

Our systems can be as simple or complex as the customer requires. Professionally installed and regularly maintained, Intruder Alarm Systems can protect a small premises requiring only a few areas covered, to multi-building enterprises needing integration of fire, intruder, and access control systems, with CCTV monitoring and recording and two-way live audio.

GP Electrical has been approved to install burglar alarms in the UK since 2000, and in Ireland since 2003. We are still servicing today, perfectly adequate and functional alarms we installed over 20 years ago. So we know that each customer has unique requirements. A simple stand-alone system is the best solution in one scenario; whereas a smartphone-controllable, remotely monitored system integrated with fire detection and CCTV is essential for another. We design, install, and maintain all types.

  • Simple, stand-alone audible bells-only systems – reliable and simple to use and reset.
  • Wireless systems, which can be set and unset using a tag on a keyring, or button keyfob. These systems can be connected to home Wi-Fi to alert smartphone users – who can set and unset the system remotely, from outside the premises, or from abroad over the Internet
  • Wired or wireless systems (or a combination of both) that can alert by smartphone app, and communication to a monitoring station using the mobile phone network
  • Intruder alarm systems that meet regulatory requirements for police response, using state-of-the art dual path dual aerial 4G radio communicators from specialist provider CSL. These have “World” SIMs installed and roam on any network internationally. The two SIMs will deliberately choose different networks for redundancy reasons.

Intruder alarms as part of integrated security system

  • Intruder alarm systems are increasingly being used as a trigger for CCTV systems to alert users to have a look to see whether there is an urgent emergency that requires attendance. CCTV systems can also generate an alarm for intruder alarms.
  • Intruder alarm systems can be configured to send alerts to the monitoring station of “Fire!” triggered by a smoke/heat detector, and “Gas!” triggered by a CO (carbon monoxide) detector, for those premises which do not have a full fire alarm system installed, such as a private home.
  • Intruder alarm systems can be used to detect a lack of movement in a house – to safeguard the elderly or infirm. For example, if no movement has been detected in certain rooms for a certain period, the alarm system can alert a friend, relative, or caregiver.
  • We have extensive experience with locations of extremely poor mobile phone coverage. We can install the right communicator with the appropriate aerials to ensure an adequate usable signal is achieved.

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