Access Control Systems

Stand-alone or network-integrated person and vehicle access control systems

Access Control includes automated barriers, gates, and doors, which can be remotely opened and closed by an operator, or automatically operated by access control systems such as keypads, card or tag readers, or biometrics readers (fingerprints, facial recognition, retina scanning etc). These systems can be installed as stand-alone systems, or as part of an intruder alarm, or more often, CCTV / surveillance systems. Modern Network Video Recorders include software to conduct facial and vehicle numberplate recognition, ensuring you always know who is on your premises or in your car park at any given time.

We can design a bespoke system with components chosen from the best suppliers in their fields, and professionally install a system that suits your requirements and replaces or integrates with your current systems. As we have a comprehensive knowledge of electrical installation and security systems, we are able to consider how best to integrate a new or upgrade access control system with all the other parts of your business.

We work with Italian company FAAC through National Automation of Dublin, DEA Systems, another Italian company with its UK headquarters in Co. Tyrone, Paxton, based in Brighton, and ASSA Abloy of Sweden. We are also experienced in installing ANPR cameras as part of Hikvision and Dallmeier surveillance systems for entry/exit control and logging.

  • Industrial, commercial, and domestic gate automation
  • Open / close by remote button, phoning the gate, tag or card proximity readers, as part of integrated security system. The gate can ring your mobile if you are not in, and allow you to talk to the visitor when you are not home
  • Stand-alone audio / video door entry systems
  • Electromagnetically locking doors
  • Entry control as part of a CCTV video surveillance system
  • ANPR camera access control systems
  • Customised systems with components selected from the best manufacturers for the task
  • ASSA Abloy ARX IP-based security systems which are flexible and can integrate fluently with other security systems which use industry-standard TCP/IP secure communications
  • We can supply and install automated gates and entry control systems for houses, commercial premises, and large factories, as well as for remote premises to allow remote control, monitoring, and logging of access
  • In conjunction with networked CCTV systems, operators can view, and talk with, visitors to remote protected sites, allow or deny access, and retain logs for future evaluation

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