Tobermore Paving

Multi-lens process control cameras stream high-definition images to Control Room

Tobermore Paving manufacture paving stones, walling products, and building materials using state-of-the-art productions lines.

The Challenge

For their new factory, Tobermore requested us to design a system for monitoring production processes from a control room, to increase safety by de-cluttering the production line, and enable analysis of the procedures from multiple angles to enable efficiency improvements.

Our Solution

We designed a system employing high-definition cameras, streaming high-definition video in real time to the control room. State-of-the art multi-lens cameras were installed which provide for a PTZ (pan tilt zoom) lens for real-time close-ups, and a panoramic camera in the same unit, so that the overview is not lost whilst zooming in. This enables a single operator to see both the overview, and the detail, without the need to try to look simultaneously at two feeds from two different cameras. There is also no loss of overview on the recorded video whilst zooming in, and the telephoto lens and wide-angle lens can work together doing what each does best. This is far superior to applying a digital zoom to an overview camera, and with multiple lenses in one unit, fewer units need be installed, saving on labour costs, and reducing the problem of multiple cameras obscuring each other’s view.

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